viernes, 29 de mayo de 2015

Some suggestions to learn English

Many of you want to know how you can improve your level of English. When you are young, you have an incredible capacity for learning a new language. At that stage you should not learn by studying grammar, that is not the best way. Nevertheless, you can learn small bits of grammar, but only from time to time.

The best way to learn a language is to use the natural method. That means that the you should be exposed to the language in a natural way as much as possible. You should listen to English many hours and interact in English with other native or native-like speakers. The more the better.

You should also watch TV, films, cartoons or games in English and read books with or without some kind of visual aid according to your level. The more you read the better. Always try to expose yourself to a level, which is a little bit above your present level.

Language should be demonstrated, not explained.

Do not try to learn English by translating to Spanish constantly. Only use translation when absolutely necessary. Don’t try to say things as we express them in Spanish. That’s a big mistake. Many times things are said in a different way so direct translation doesn’t work and obliges you to make a huge effort which is not efficient. A language is not an objective. It’s a mean.

You can learn vocabulary by heart, but you cannot learn grammar structures by heart. You learn the structures by using them and being exposed to them constantly. Repetition is a must. The best way to learn English is in real-life situations. Travelling to the U.K. for a whole year will make you learn more than six years of English classes!

Two years in England at the age of 9 will make a child almost bilingual for the rest of his/her life. Learning as an adult is difficult and demands hundreds of hours but doing it in the right way will save you time and money. English is not something you can study. You must use it for something. Working with drills does not ensure your learning so don’t trust drilling as the best method. It has been over valued through time.

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