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Writing and other issues that worry me

Yesterday I discovered a new writer called Joe Konrath. This man has sold more than one hundred thousand books on the internet, mainly through amazon. His blog is full of tips about writing and marketing your books. First I must say: thank you Joe for sharing all that information with new writers that are trying more or less hard to success in this world.

I have also discovered his book on tips for the new writer, I was reading it this morning and I needed to comment it. One of the main goals of a writer is to entertain people. That is one of the things that I like most when I write: to grab the attention of the reader and get him to read more pages. When that happens to me when I am reading a book, I just feel happy and that is the way I want my readers to feel.

Writing has a lot of work. So from that point of view there are no tricks no shortcuts. Joe, for instance, has a goal of writing 4.000 words per day which is not bad. 4.000 words means ten pages. It's an easy production goal if you are focused on writing only, but who is focused on writing in the beginning? It does not matter, the effort must be done.

So, after reading (and I will keep on reading his blog) Joe, I had some thoughts and some ideas about what steps should I do for earning more readers and getting to more people. First of all, there is a clear idea, I should write more. At the moment, I have two novels and one medium-short story and several scripts, I have also three non fiction books related with psychology which is my degree. So, that's my production so far.

This summer I started a new book based on the wars that happened in the north of Spain in a region called Cantabria. That is where I was born. The place that I hate and love at the same time. I wanted to write a book which started in 53 b.c. at the momet where the roman invasion with Cesar Augusto happens (the wars happen from 29 to 19 b.c.).  It could take me some months to write the first rough draft. Probably this year will be difficult because I am studying a second degree but we will see.

Another idea is to self publisk with Bubok some books that I have in my bubok page and present them in a coffee and make a sort of small party with maybe 40 or 50 people which would be not to difficult to get together, but that will mean a lot of work and maybe some money. What I have seen is that real world actions multiply on the internet, so if you make something like a party with 50 people in the real life, then in the internet you will get probably hundreds of visits from those people and from more which is interesting.

Another good thing that is taking place now is the fact that Amazon will finally come to spain. See this article to go deeper in what is happening and what people think about the spanish market. The point is that Spain is very conservtive and has had a very hard time with the crisis, there is a lack of proffesioanlism in some areas yet, we say here that Spain is the country of "de la charanga y la pandereta", meaning that we have not still become modern in many cases.

The good thing of the internet is that we are becoming less nationalists and more world citizens. So, amazon will finally come and open an office in Spain which will be good for us, spanish writers who are trying hard to sell books and want to get to more readers.

I have written this post in english because I like to express my self in this language, one of my ideas is to translate El proyecto Gaia o better, Gaia's project into English. That will take a lot of time I know, but it would be worth because then I will be able to reach the English market for the first time.  I could also try to translate La Diosa perdida to English.

Finally two new ideas. First to publish in my blog what ever I am writing, chapter after chapter, and making it possible to people to place comments as an interactive creating way of writing. Another chance is to insert pieces of my books in this blog as I ahve already done here.

Thanks for reading me and have a nice day.

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