jueves, 8 de agosto de 2013

Technology and society changes

As technology evolves it will become more user-friendly
There seems to be a technological gap between generations which is going to increase within the following years, but not for many years. Some experts think that technology nowadays is not yet user-friendly. There are still many devices which are rather complicated, especially for old people. As new technology evolves, some important breakthroughs are going to take place.

The most paramount one is the fact that technology will definitely develop your skills rather than demand skills from you. That will be a big change and a great opportunity to foster individuality.

It could be said that there are three basic fields according to the way we relate to each other. The first one is individuality, which is the way we are able to behave and work alone. Some cultures put a lot of emphasis on this.

The second one is the group. It can be either big or small. Examples are the teams in which we work, our family, the group of friends, etc. For instance, spanish people have this area very well developed.

Finally, we have the third field, the broadest one, which is society. It is the highest collective level of behaviour and surely the most complicated and unpredictable one. This is where comformity appears at a major scale. Comformity can paralyse individuality and is the reason why many societies do not react againts injustice. That is what is now happening in spanish society.

On an individual basis, spanish people do not agree with most of the measures that the government is taking but on a society level, people do not react because of comformity. One recent measure that the spanish government took was to charge the self-consumption of solar energy through a special fee. The last goal was to increase the benefits of electrical companies. The citizen will have to pay that. From now on, spaniards will have to pay for the sun and for the moment there are no reactions.

In the future, technology will help us to integrate the conflicts that we normally have between individuality, groups and society. Even now, we are starting to see this happen through the use of social networks. The change is about to come. How many years will it take?

Nobody knows. 

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